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         In today's world began to change the way desktops. From of production is small and easy to store. While the details for higher performance is, birth de HP desktop family of all one of the many comprter models. On the advantage of ease of use of plug. Press the switch and it immediately.
         Desktop icon, the entire family computer is from HP that team manager, Cyber has been tested in this model is a computer Omni100 that comes with the chip, CPU and graphics from AMD (AMD Vision) with a screen size of the screen. LCD. Large 20-inch.

Specifications & Design of HP Omni100 PC

         HP PC Omni100 version of the test team will use CPU AMD Athlon II 260u 1.8GHz dual - core speed, memory size of 2GB 1,066 MHz speed for graphics cards from AMD Radeon HD 5450 will be in the unit. 512MB memory supporting DirectX 11 can decode Full HD 1080p video and the latest PC Omni100 also comes with WiFi 802.11 b / g / n with a capacity of a hard drive 640GB.

         External characteristics as well as HP Omini100 computer monitor and CPU are the same body as well as computer DVD drive and switch on - all sealed in LCD 20 inch screen, just plug in and use. Press the switch. (Screen resolution 1600 the ratio of x900 pixels 16:09.) It can be used immediately.

         Attachment of connecting cables and ports. Left behind will include box connected to the adapter, which is the indicator light on top. Next is the port LAN (RJ - 45), and audio jacks for connecting to the speaker of the last 4 ports USB 2.0.

         For ports connected to the side (left) will be channeled from the Card Reader can read SD / SDHC / MMC / MS / MS Pro / xD next to a USB 2.0 port on 2 ports and eventually become part The headphone jack and external microphone jack and 3.5 mm

         To the right side of the machine contains buttons adjust the brightness of the screen. And operation of the indicators of the hard drive. Also on the tray Slim - a DVD drive that can write with LightScribe ...

         Finally, for a description of the other sub-components, it is part of a web camera with microphone for voice chat for-pin and 30-watt speakers that are installed on the bottom.

Software of HP Omni100 PC
HP Advisor Dock

HP Advisor Dock – Dashboard

HP MediaSmart

HP MediaSmart Webcam
         For all in one HP PC Omni100 software will come with software to improve performance. Whether ti is in many parts of the body are like band connection management software for their computer. Can work more easily, or even MediaSmart software to help manage pictures video webcam. They are equipped with similar HP is inatalled on the laptop's specifications.

Performance Test
         3DMark 05 test score is 6085 points on the screen resolution of 1024x768 + Shader Model 3.

         3DMark 06 test score was 3.680 points at the break points Shader Model 2 = 1,305 points, HDR / Shader Model 3 = 1,637 points the CPU processing rate is at 1478 points.

         PCMark Vantage is a score of 3623 points, divided into Memories Score = 2,512 points, TV and Movies Score = 2,345 points, Gaming Score = 3,124 points, Music Score = 3,878 points, Communications Score = 3,607 points, Productivity Score = 2,837 points and HDD. Score = 3,579 points.

         Cinebench R11.5 x64 in terms of testing the CPU with 3-dimensional drawing that is the score. The CPU score is drawn to 1.03pts.

         x264 HD BENCHMARK 3.0 in the test of decoding 720p resolution video files are the following.

Encoded            1442                frames,             25.63               fps,            3899.26 kb/s
encoded            1442                frames,             25.62               fps,            3899.26 kb/s
encoded            1442                frames,             25.78               fps,            3899.26 kb/s
encoded            1442                frames,             25.53               fps,            3899.26 kb/s
encoded            1442                frames,             6.00                 fps,            3971.79 kb/s
encoded            1442                frames,             6.03                 fps,            3970.89 kb/s
encoded            1442                frames,             6.02                 fps,            3971.92 kb/s
encoded            1442                frames,             6.01                 fps,            3971.52 kb/s

Windows 7 Score

         HD Tach tests for the - send. HD Tach is arithmetic average of the speed - data transmission at 95.6MB / s in the speed of access is at 17.4ms.

         EVEREST Ultimate Edition - CPU PhotoWorxx a test in the evaluation process of the full-power CPUs in multicore. The result of test scores released AMD Athlon II 260u may be in only fair basis. Which is opposed to the side of Intel CPUs in the range of Intel Core 2 CPU is a major

         Adobe Creative Suite CS5 Test for testing the program for use with decorative graphics and video editing the HP Omni100 PC can function well at this point a certain level. By using programs like Adobe Photoshop CS5 photography with GPU Acceleration feature work flow even though the use of decorative images are high resolution even RAW Files. However, for applyying to run high-definition video editing (Full HD 1,800 p) that it was part of the Render video clips or dffects photography video. Relatively slow. And the operation may have tripped and outstanding from time to time as well.

Temperatures (Burn with OCCT & FurMark 1.80)
Idle Temperatures

Full Load Temperatures
         HP Omni100 PC for All in one PC is ideal for busy people who do not want to connect computer equipment to use. The main advantages. Existence of the machine, packaging equipment and the software's very convenient to evrything in a single device that does not include the weight data is not very large footprint and can be moved easily go wrong, more Desktop typical deaktop PC.

         However, any two main of HP Omni100 PC remain at about the device has been designed to be small by applying the motherboard CPU, hard drives and LCD compressed together on a screen 20 inches, enabling users to upgrade equipment. Quite difficult. (Just like with the laptop) as well as in the accumulated during the use extra caution. Of course, because early early systems. May not have the problem of heat But to be fair job for some time. Dust in to the machine and capture the various cooling ahannels. Can cause such problems for sure.

         I see.
         - The unit can be moved easily.
         - Connection using a simple first.
         - The unit works very quietly. And heat during use quite a few.
         - The All in one PC purchase once all the functionality such as Wi-Fi, Windows 7 Home Premiere 64-bit, Mouse, Webcam, Keyboard, Card Reader, 20-inch screen and internal speakers. To a fully.

         - Upgrade the device is quite complicated.
         - Specification and equipment compared to the price. Can cause computer users with limited budget want a better machine performance is not interested.

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